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In 2011 after almost a year of research Harley Hotchkiss wanted to make his hunting property something better for himself and for the deer.  Harley wanted BIGGER antlers and HEALTHIER deer. He set out to try and find the best seed and the best way to plant.  Just a few years later Harley wants to bring that knowledge to you and your property to have that same success he’s had with his plots. 

Harley Hotchkiss grew up in the small town of Diamond Bluff, WI and started in the woods very young like most boys from Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest.  At the age of 6 is when the passion began in his Dad’s tree stand even while trying to overcome freezing toes; Harley loved waiting for that buck to come into the clearing.  After many years of learning the ways, respect of weapons, and the hunt, he finally had the opportunity to take his first deer at the age of 12 with his late nephew Brandon Hotchkiss.  Since then Harley has gone on to have 20 successful years and counting in the Army with a deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as a mobilization as a a Drill Sergeant.  After 5 long years being away from Wisconsin he returned to what he knew best, the outdoors.  Now after years of research, planting, and having all the equipment to make it happen, he wants to bring that success to you too.